I am supposed to be on a boat right now looking for blue whales in the Pacific with a correspondent from Despierta America. That is the Spanish language’s answer to Good Morning America here. But last night, actually, all day yesterday, I had back pains. It wasn’t the usual lower back pain, it was higher. I know that it is muscular and instead of getting better throughout the day after stretching and taking ibuprofen, it got worse. By the time I got to bed I couldn’t really move. It took all of my will to roll over or to scootch over in bed to a more comfortable position. It was bad. I sent Juan to the store and he brought back rubbing alcohol and an icy/hot pack. So he rubbed my back and then we strapped me up. It didn’t feel very hot, but I could sorta feel it. I got back into bed and tried going to sleep. I think that it wasn’t until around 3am that I finally knocked out.

When I got up in the morning, I did feel better but there was no way that I was gonna make it on the boat. You move around so much because you have to compensate for the rocking of the boat and it was just going to kill me. So I called the PR contact and told her that I couldn’t make it. I felt terrible, but there was nothing I could do. I was not going to be a pretty sight on national television grimacing as I talked about whales.

So I am coming online on and off. I read this really great post by Wil Wheaton (most widely known as Ensign Wesley Crusher on TNG) about ComicCon, but more than that, about being a geek. About being a fan. And although you may not associate yourself with the sci-fi fandoms, what he talks about transcends genres and is applicable to all fandoms.

And then there is this hilarious shirt.

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