Toe-day’s Update

Every single woman should see that video. See it and memorize it. It takes a freakin team of people to make that billboard woman. We need to stop comparing ourselves and each other to what the media feeds us. We’ve done it to ourselves.

Today I went in to get my stitches out. It wasn’t fun. I had scabs in the corners of my double toe where the stitches rested. Then on the other toe I had a granuloma. Basically it was a little bump of bright red blood vessels. So when he cut into that it didn’t hurt too much (at least not until he went in deeper) but boy did it bleed! So I am home. Tonight I will finally be able to take off the bandages for a while. I will let my toes air out and when I shower I will finally be able to wash my feet properly instead of resorting to wash cloths or wet wipes. I just need to put bandages (like band aids) so that the holes where the stitches were don’t get infected.

All this sandal wearing and focus on my toes lately got me really self conscious about the really worn out nail polish, so yesterday I took it off and painted my toes.

Feeling much better Stitches out tommorrow

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