Normal Update

Last Saturday, we attended the Aquarium of the Pacific’s annual fundraiser Sea Fare. It was a lot of fun and we got to eat food from some of the best restaurants in Long Beach! There were more than 20 there.

This morning I was reading The Subtle Knife on the bus.

It was where Lee was holding off the guards protecting a gulch where John Parry (the shaman) was making his escape. And he talked in such a heartfelt way about Lyra, and he fought off the guards so valiantly. And his exchanges with Hester, in their last moments, I seriously started crying as I got off the bus and walked down the street, still reading the book clutched in my hands. I wanted to find a little hole to crawl into so that I could bawl my eyes out. I get that emotional. But I had to keep it together because I didn’t want to blend in with the homeless lot who sometimes travel in their own little worlds in Lincoln Park as I walked past them.

And I kept reading as I waited for my shuttle and it kept getting worse and worse.

And then that bitch of a witch kills the shaman in the moment that father and son realize who each other is after so many years of hoping and dreaming.

Phillip Pullman can rip my heart out just as well as JK Rowling, it would seem.

This Friday, Video Games Live comes to LA. It is going to be in the Nokia Theater. A state of the art theater that is having a ribbon cutting ceremony today! It is that brand spanking new! I want to go so bad, but Juan can’t commit, since he has so much work, that we can make it there on time. So he is leaving me hanging until that very day to see if we are going. I dunno if that is better or worse than just saying forget it. *sigh*

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