The Southland is Burning

Smokey Sunset

The View, but with a much more toxic feel. There are about a dozen raging wild fires in Southern California at this point and even though we are miles and miles away from any danger, you can smell the smoke and feel the ash in the air when you open your doors and windows.

It is also later in the year from the other shots and the sun has actually moved to the far left so I no longer get to see the sun actually setting from my balcony.

So the fires continue and I can’t not post about it. Fortunately for myself, right now, I don’t know anyone directly affected by the fires and I hope that doesn’t change.

Some stats for posterity and to share with you right now:

  • 500000 1M o_o evacuated from their homes
  • 1300 structures burned down
  • 583 square miles ablaze — an area larger than New York City
  • 45 injured
  • ~17 fires burning up the Southland
  • 2 people dead

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure those stats will change. I spent all of yesterday watching the news and exchanging comments and links with

. Today I have the luxury to go to work and not have to listen to the news all day long (like I would at home since I wouldn’t let myself watch anything else until the late afternoon yesterday).

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