The most wonderful time of the year…

Disneyland - Matterhorn

…at the Happiest Place on Earth.

I couldn’t believe it until I saw them. canutius  escaped the grasp California’s heartland and sped towards Riverside yesterday morning to meet up with penster  . Around that time, I got a call about meeting up and by sheer luck, I had asked for the day off from work because I anticipated family social stuff. Well, it ended up that nothing was happening at home, Juan had tons of stuff to do sans me and had it not been for the girls, I would have been a lonely lady on a day that I asked off. So they came to the LBC, picked me up and we made it to the park a little after noon.

We got there, paid the astronomical one-day Disneyland pass ($66) and headed for the gates. We wondered if would run into bird_mom  there, and looked around to see if we could find her. Later we found out that she too had asked for the day off, but that meant we weren’t running into her, what luck. I guess that’s what happens with last minute “plans”.

Disneyland We had a ton of fun and got on rides like the updated Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Buzz Lightyear (hey, I never got those pics!), Star Tours, The Haunted Mansion (decked out with Nightmare Before Christmas – so different!), and the Matterhorn. Oh, and we got on the Jungle Cruise and subjected canutius to the cheesiest jokes ever. By the time that was done, she was so far gone, we could have almost put fluffy bunny ears on her head and gotten away with it. Pen was in heaven. hahaha

We really wanted to watch the Believe fireworks and experience the magical snow, but after waiting out by It’s a Small World, the announcement came that it was canceled due to weather. We expected it after being there for a while because even down on the ground, it was chilly but more importantly, it was windy. Bummer. But we still got to experience the snow! It was cute, tons of foamy snow came from the sky and everyone looked up and reached up to touch it. It was pretty magical, even if it did taste like soap.

After that, we got on It’s a Small World and it was so adorable, all decked out for Christmas! And for this portion, let me share with you the jewel that is this video, and this one. Trust me, it is no more than a minute each, and so insanely worth it. They thought I was taking photos. lmao!

We finished off the night on Main Street doing some shopping and drinking some hot capuccino with fudge in canute’s bag (we were good and waited til the car). There are a lot more stories, I am sure, but I will let penster  and canutius  share some. I wanted to post asap because I didn’t want to lag and then forget. 😀

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