The wonderful thing about tiggers…

First things first: go read and post your thoughts about this entry. It is from our newest blogger at the Aquarium and his story pretty much brings tears to my eyes. Remember, comments are love.

Today was a pretty productive day. I got up at my usual weekday time and got ready and took the bus to the Doc’s. It was my follow-up to all the toe business that I had going on. Everything was going perfectly fine up until about two weeks ago. I started to have a soft sore spot with a little bit of swelling on the bottom right corner of my left big toe nail. I even squeezed the corner and realized it was infected. Crap. It was as I suspected, a little sliver of nail remained that should have been obliterated. So he needed to call my insurance and get approval before he did anything so we scheduled the procedure for Jan 7 (I don’t want to suffer through the holidays). It should be easier than last time. He will anesthetize the toe, cut into the corner just a little bit, enough to get a Q-tip with some phenol in to chemically cauterize the nail matrix. Thing is, I will have to go back to wearing sandals and my toe will once again be swollen and I am sure, uncomfortable (to say the least). He also said that my body will be oozing out the matrix and phenol and stuff from the wound for a couple of weeks, so sandals, neosporin, and daily foot soaks will be a must. What a way to ring in the new year!

Today I started to actually bring a little Christmas cheer into our apartment by taking out our decorations box and setting up some of our things. I put up a little light-up wreath on our door, hung a santa wind sock out on our balcony, hung a beautiful angel with fiber optics in the corner of our living room, and placed some other decorations as well.

I also made a few phone calls that needed to be made that didn’t really get me anywhere. Pfft.

Oh, and I already finished laundry. Not bad for 2pm (at least for me!). I still need to finish cleaning up, take a shower, go to a baby shower at work, and do some scrapbooking for my mom’s xmas gift calendar (I will share once done). And speaking about being done, woo hoo!! I am all done with Shalea’s South American Summer Scrapbook. You may remember me going on about it on occasion. I just need to send the rest of the pages to print, but I want to combine it with the calendar to save on shipping. Take a look at the slideshow of the scrapbook here, and please feel free to drop me comments on the respective Flickr pages (please note that aside from the first page, they are all meant to go in pairs, so imagine seeing it like a book, with one solitary page in the beginning, with subsequent layouts facing each other on opposing pages). I am really proud and ecstatic to be done with it. Now I just have 50 million other scrapbooking projects to go! lol

TiggerOh, and I have the most adorable little cousin ever. Please to be seeing exhibit A to the left. He is also extra cute because he is very light hearted and hardly cries at all. Also purportedly sleeps through the whole night and takes nice naps during the day. And he loves me. Every time he sees me, it puts a huge grin on his face (well, I prefer to think he likes me rather than him thinking I look funny enough to make him laugh). I already got him some baby socks from the Aquarium as well as an adorable little knitted hat with an octopus on top for xmas.

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