Remembering Boe

From Jennifer, pg 2

Remembering Boe. Sometimes, I can’t believe that she is really gone. It is really hard to mourn someone properly when you never even met her IRL. It isn’t like we got together for a ceremony, although in retrospect, I wish we sorta would had. Boe’s Garden is a chat room that we opened up as a place where we could gather together to talk about her and everyone was in there the first few days. We shared a lot of memories and stories (not to mention feelings). I guess it was an informal ceremony, I dunno. It isn’t the same. But now I am just rambling.

The main reason I wanted to post was to say that if you haven’t seen the thread because of the holidays, you should check it out. I know there are many of you that were not around when it happened and feel like you came too late. Well, you aren’t. All of the projects and ideas for remembering Boe are still active. Speaking of which…

Her scrapbook is coming along nicely. I had ideas for a while, and a want to make it. I still couldn’t do it until recently (mostly today). I am now ready to take it on and I hope that if you knew her, if she touched your life in any way, that you will be able to find the words to send in for the scrapbook. If you read the intro to the book, you will see that some pages were made by me, some by you guys. So if you are not comfortable with scrapping yourself, you can see what I have come up with when people have sent in their content to me at

You will see two pages with photos that you may not recognize. Those are from a friend of Boe’s named Jennifer. She sent along two lovely poems and a ton of beautiful and candid photos for the book. I can’t stop staring at the pink layout because that photo is just so mesmerizing. I am really glad that she sent that along. I assume that you sent her to me, Froggy, and if you did, please let anyone else know that I will happily do the same for anything they want to contribute. *hugs*

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