And btw, remind me never to cross the train tracks if I am ever in India.

This morning as I sleepily made my way to the shower, I stubbed my right “index” toe on the rail of the shower doors. This is normally curse-worthy, but almost two weeks ago, when Juan and I tuned up the car, I messed up that toe. We were playing around in line at a taco joint and I kicked his foot causing an incredible amount of pain on that one toe, and not even a reaction from Juan. It was one of those million-to-Juan (sorry, couldn’t resist) shots where I just happened to catch the edge of his shoe in a very vulnerable part of my toe. It hurt, I breathed it off. After a few days of it still hurting, I started to wonder why it was doing that. I mean, sure, it sorta felt like an ingrown toe nail but it didn’t look like it. So I took some nail polish remover to look at my nail and lo and behold, it was purple. I bruised the whole part that sits under the nail, I even think I got the nail bed.

And this morning I happened to stub that exact same part that still hurt regardless of the incident this morning. *hd* Even after taking a shower, as I contemplated putting on socks and shoes, I felt my foot and it was HOT from all the blood still pumping through it (the other one was quite cool).

Will I ever give my feet a rest? Jeez!

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