President’s Day Weekend


Well, it was a weird one. Instead of heading out somewhere or planning fun activities, there was work to be done. On Saturday, Juan and I went to the in-laws and performed a tune-up on the car. It was sorely needed and although it took us the whole day (ok, so we got there technically in the afternoon and had to eat and wait for the car to cool a couple hours before we could do anything). It felt good to get in there and change the filters and the spark plugs and (Juan changed the oil, I don’t have a real need to crawl under the car to do that), refill all the liquids, clean the battery connections, wash the car, vacuum, detail, etc…. it was a long day out in the sun but in the end it felt really great to know that this much needed hard work was done. It is also really nice to be able to do that stuff yourself instead of having to rely on a service. Also, this generation doesn’t really know that much about what goes on under the hood of a car, so it is cool to be able to tell the boys at work that you changed out the spark plugs when they wouldn’t even know where to start.

Sunday I had to work as a special favor. It was an overnight for a special group and since it was a favor to the marketing dept, they asked me to work it as well so that they didn’t have to pay yet another educator (I am already on the marketing payroll). So I worked this overnight and got out at 8am on Monday. I had the hardest time going to sleep that night. My mattress has a hole in it, so it of course deflated. The floor was really cold, the room was really cold, and I was just generally uncomfortable. I slept next to nothing, so when I got home I knocked out until 2pm!! So much for my day! I basically spent the day lounging around and being a bum. Fortunately, Juan was in the same mood so we hung out and spent some quality lazy time together.

Just planned another Rock Band party. lol If I could, I would host one every other week, but I know that would drive Juan absolutely ape-poopy*.

“We have some new rules and regulations that you’re just going to go ape-poopy for.” – Principal Skinner, Simpsons
PS: That photo is up there because I think it is beautiful and just wanted to share. 😀
PPS: And this makes me sad. I bet on the wrong horse for the best reasons, but it still didn’t pay. *sigh*

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