OMG, the geekery over at slashdot is killing me. I mean, it is usually rampant with gallons of 7331 testosterone, but this time they just went funny. 111 years ago, Indiana almost legislated pi. The comments had me cracking up (ok, not ALL of them).

The iPhone now comes in a 16GB flavor. Perhaps when it comes time for me to get a new one they will have an 80GB that can see flash and take video. lol

Last Friday I went to our local pub and had a really great time celebrating Jane’s bday party. It was great to see all my education buddies that I hadn’t seen in a long time as well as people that no longer worked at the Aquarium. Jane is a great gal and she makes friends with everyone so the place was packed and half the people in there were there for her. Too bad she can’t quite remember all of it! 😉

Sunday of course was the Superbowl. Wow, what a second half! Those last minutes were insane! I had no vested interest but I like to watch the Superbowl and we have a 50″ HD plasma, so I invited my family over to watch the game. It was fun, we had good game food and afterwords we wrapped the night up with a little Battlestar Galactica. My DVR was set to record House which we couldn’t watch because my parents haven’t seen any of this season yet which would have spoiled them. When I went back to watch it, my DVR recorded the time slot where House was scheduled to run. *sigh* The game went over into that time and I only got about 3/4 of the episode so I hit delete and didn’t bother watching it. DAMMIT! I think I can watch it on the comp, but it isn’t the same. :C

I scrapped my rainbow photo from two weeks ago because I really liked it,

Rainbow from our Balcony

And speaking of scrapbooks, I have added more pages to Boe’s. Thanks for your submissions too guys. It is turning out rather nicely.

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