The story of the LOLRUS and his BUKKIT

So, the thing about internet phenomenons like ICHC is that when they get to a certain critical mass, they start to create offshoots and other memes and phenomenons are born. Well, the first time I came across the LOLRUS (walrus) and his bucket, it was pretty funny, but then it sparked a subculture of walrus macros (and even cat macros riding on the lolrus train) with something that the kittehs came up with first, the run-on X-macro joke.

So if you have a few, feel free to follow the story along behind the cut.

You can click on any photo and it will take you to a slightly bigger version. All photos hosted in my lj scrapbook, but originally from ICHC.

There once was a ‘walrus’ that loved his bucket, only, his bucket was taken away.

He tried to get it back, but unfortunately his brute strength was no match for his poor eyesight.

He also had a cell phone, but he wasn’t letting them anywhere near it. Lesson learned. I guess.

It occurred to him that perhaps, he just needed to ask for another one.

Of course, it would never be that easy. Others simply laughed at him for thinking that.

He tried to forget about it, but he was constantly reminded of his missing bucket, and it made him sad.

Fortunately, LOLRUS was not alone, so his friends attempted to make him feel better and formed a search party.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out and they turned it into therapy instead.

Then LOLRUS had an idea. He could BUY a new bucket! He just needed to earn some cash first! This was his lowest point yet.

It had been so long, he was starting to wonder if he ever really had a bucket at all.

He scared away the people at the car show and was promptly fired. He didn’t know what else to do.

Fortunately, things started to turn up! He had a lead! Did she really have it? Did she know something?

Unfortunately, it was a false lead. It was a different bucket they spoke of.

His friends’ compassion was starting to wear thin. Relationships were straining.

He even hired some muscle, but they hadn’t found anything yet.

Word in the tank was that the Kitteh Posseh might be behind it. Unfortunately, his lead wasn’t talking.

It was time to call Jack Bauer. He gets things done.

But LOLRUS wasn’t going to sit around waiting for Jack to get all the glory. He wanted to take action in the only way that they would understand.

Did he get his bucket?

The story continues…

You have to remember that these are interspersed with dozens of other LOLCAT images on ICHC, so whenever a new LOLRUS one pops up to add to the story, it is a surprising little gem. It is to me, anyway.

Note: For someone who runs a site that really tries to hammer down on everyone about their grammar and stuff, I sure do like these dang cats & co.

Extras: [Bucket looks for walrus] [Soviet Russia bucket – thanks for reminding me


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