Hey look, an entry!

It was 97 degrees today in Long Beach, CA. I can’t handle this!

I finally took off the worn out red nail polish from my toes and the pink one from my fingers and then painted them over again. This time, my toes are an almost florescent pink and m finger nails are french-tipped. Thank Mom for instant manicures!

AR who is my manager at work is off to Holland for two weeks during our busy season at work. Poor guy sure paid for it Friday as he tried to get everything he needed to get done done. I hope he brings me back a lot of dark chocolate for leaving me alone like this for two weeks. lol

Whether or not you ever dreamt of running away to the circus, you need to check out Cirque’s casting site. It is the neatest thing ever. Sound preferably on.

I am really excited about the prospect of getting to hang out with purple_equator next month when she visits SoCal with her friends. I am also really excited that TR will be in town possibly at the same time. I am bummed that majorxero , however, got shafted and won’t be coming home for a visit next month.

I saw Marie Antoinette this week and it was such a beautiful film. So much eye candy. I felt really bad for the poor girl. Then I felt real bad for Juan who didn’t really seem to enjoy The Life Aquatic tonight but was a good sport and watched it with me anyway. I really liked it (go figure).

I am way excited about getting Mario Kart (it shipped on Saturday). I was already stoked, but the fact that I might get to play with mauvaise_etoile just totally rocks my socks.

And here are a couple of scraps that I have done lately:
Beautiful Girl My 29th

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