Mama Mia!

So last night, we went to my parent’s house for dinner because

said that they were making good food and plenty of it. 😀 She wasn’t kidding. When we got there, the house was an oven. Sabi and

had been cooking for god knows how long. Roasted potatoes, carrots, beef, and a delicious reduction that took the meal from fantastic to extraordinary. The heat was worth it. My sisters can cook! To top it all off,

made some puff pastries and put fresh (cold too) chopped strawberries and sauce on them and they were perfect. Not too sweet, just enough tart, light, and wonderfully refreshing. That was a nice treat, especially on a Monday.

We left not too long after because Juan had work to do at home. They are finishing up some stuff for the software client and this is their mega crunch time. I kept him company by watching the new episode of House (which was so much fun), and then I played Mario Kart on the Wii!

I got it delivered at work yesterday and was so excited about playing it. It is basically the same classic game with more far out race tracks. I am uber excited to play with you guys, so play with “Mag” at the number above. Make sure you share your info with me too!

I totally forgot to talk about Saturday yesterday. The whole taxes thing. Well, I came prepared to vent about it, but I already vented to

IRL so that is out of my system. Just want to share that the tax guy we went to is a sham, a liar, and an idiot. Hopefully if the paperwork works out this time, we don’t really owe the IRS almost $10,000, we owe them almost $2,000. Yay payment plans. And yes, we are making him pay the accumulated interest and penalties.

Saturday night fared much better. Fridays, we tend to go to my parents for a weekly visit. I started watching Firefly with my sisters so it became something to look forward to every week. It just so happened that now that it is over, we have moved the weekly show to our place to watch Battlestar Galactica on Saturday nights. Dinner, snacks, and about three episodes of HD BSG with Juan and the girls has turned out to be so much fun. We are just over half ways on Season 1 (no spoilers please!), so we have plenty to look forward to. Too bad that only Season 1 made it onto HD disks. *sigh*

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