OK then.

The slightly more colorful behind-the-scenes version of this post.

penster : is immy down? i’m getting a ‘taking to long to respond’ error
magicalobizuth (Autoreply): Guess What?! I am at work, so I may or may not be able to talk right now, but you are welcome to try!
magicalobizuth : uh oh
magicalobizuth : I think me too
penster: uh oh
magicalobizuth: this may just be a random temporary thing.
magicalobizuth: *sigh*
penster: k
penster: will be patient
magicalobizuth: still not working.
penster: nope
penster: won’t load for moon in ftp either
magicalobizuth: interesting…
magicalobizuth: *calling*
penster: k
magicalobizuth: wow they answered!
magicalobizuth: no hold
penster: !
magicalobizuth: and done.
magicalobizuth: o_0
magicalobizuth: he says it will be up in 15 tops.
magicalobizuth: had to restart the apache module on the server because it stalled.
magicalobizuth: “happens from time to time”
penster: O_o
magicalobizuth: “OoooK. So, there is no automatic system to tell you that this happened?”
magicalobizuth: “Not at this time, we are working on it”
magicalobizuth: “Alright, there we go, it will be up in 15 minutes”
magicalobizuth: “So, I definitely had to call”
magicalobizuth: “Yes”
magicalobizuth: “OooK then. Thanks.”
magicalobizuth: “Thank you for calling 1and1”
magicalobizuth: …
penster: heh
penster: gets out stopwatch
magicalobizuth: at least it was someone on this continent for the first time EVER!
penster: falls over

And it’s back now. Thank god!

ETA: I finally got my account with moneyexchange all sorted out. Apparently, something wasn’t coming up roses for them (must be the fact that I rent so have moved around a couple times in the past 4 years). But after sending in documentation, they approved my account. mauvaise_etoile also had some trouble initially but sorted it out via phone. Still though, $25 is $25 (and in my case, thanks to Tara, that would be $35). Anyone else want to add to the mag fund? They extended it ’til May 15.

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