The update that you must read

  • Friday night was well-spent at my parent’s. After some yummy carne asada tortas, we played Lotería. We had gotten to talking about it a couple weeks before, and since my mom goes to El Mercadito in East LA on a weekly basis, she bought one for the house. We played for a dollar a game at first and quickly realized that my mom’s quarter suggestion was much more realistic. We all took turns reading out the cards. The last game was insane and I almost passed out from laughing so hard (I am not even joking).

    made up comments/riddles (there are traditional ones that you can see on wiki too) for the items on the cards that were ridiculous and had us crying we were laughing so hard (“I hate these”, “We’ve been there”, “We have one but it’s broken”, which obviously meant “palm tree”, “the moon”, and “the bell”. Obviously. lmao). And yes, some of us used beans (and we played for the whole card, not patterns).

  • Saturday was afternoon was spent at a park in Monterey Park celebrating Juan’s cousin’s daughter’s 7th birthday. Got that? It was really cold and windy but I was totally happy. It wasn’t too bad. We had a lot of fun and I took a ton of pics. Also scrapped a little Juan moment too.
  • Saturday night my youngest sister slept over at our place and we played Rock Band til around 1am. Then while getting ready for bed, I knocked over a crystal frame with one of our engagement photos in the bedroom and it shattered into a million pieces. It took us about 35 minutes to clean/vacuum that up. I think we both ended up with wounds from that. It was awful.
  • Sunday morning we had breakfast at IHOP. We all had a classic pancake breakfast with eggs etc. I also happened to drink an interesting concoction.
  • Added some photos to my Rock Band parties set, so if you’ve been over here and played Rock Band, you should check it it out.
  • Sunday was awful and I don’t feel like talking much about it but it involved a broken down truck, a continuing car rental, and laundry at 11pm.
  • Yesterday, however, was totally wonderful. And for one simple and super fantastic reason. Juan is no longer an Associate Client Program Manager (client as in the software program they develop, not people). The “associate” part is no longer there. They gave him that title last year because he didn’t have experience in that field but he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is an excellent PM and they promoted him yesterday after his annual review. Best part? It came with a 30% raise. THAT IS NOT A TYPO! I cried. I really really did. I mean, I know he is a hard worker and has been working his butt off, but what I think doesn’t get us more money. It is so fantastic that they know that he is awesome and that he deserved such an amazing increase. We have been beyond stressed due to money issues (which is why Sunday was even harder than it would have normally been) and this is the light at the end of the tunnel. THANK YOU GOD.
  • I am still working on Scraptastic! and I can’t wait to launch it to your reviews.

Love you guys, take care.

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