Mini update

I am not sure what I talk about more, knowing stuff, or talking about knowing stuff, or Juan.

I only bothered pasting text in from my most recent entries page. Had I just done a select all, like I did originally, it made tags, comments, etc, the most prevalent words. lol

I also have a new video to share. It is short and sweet and I uploaded to flickr. I really love watching these fish swim. They are so hypnotizing.

ETA: I don’t want to make a whole new entry at this time for this, but I wanted to make sure to share with you a cool contest going on right now in our city. You can win an overnight for 50 people at the Aquarium of the Pacific, $1000 for travel, and a camera crew to film your night! Check out the video and This is their demo entry, and I know that you guys can do WAY better. So come on, you want to visit me in SoCal, right?

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