Good Times!

August has turned into a beast of a month! So much to do, so little time and all that jazz! Every weekend is packed with things to do and look forward to. First weekend was the release of Breaking Dawn (which I covered in this entry).

Then we had a really crazy Saturday where we had a baptism BBQ to go to out in BFE, an awesome double decker party bus bday, and a rockin’ late night bday too. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the third one, but the first two were great. The big red bus birthday party was a blast as we cruised down PCH as the sun set while the weather fully cooperated. It was fantastic! Lemme show you!

JPV 008 Big Red Bus Party Big Red Bus Party

And then there was this past weekend. On Saturday, we drove down to the San Diego Zoo, which I had never been to. It was really cool and a lot bigger than I thought it would be. We spent the entire day there and got back pretty late (the zoo closed at 9 pm which is around the time we left). We got to see so many great animals, like tigers, lions, and you guessed it, bears! Best part though, was watching my sisters feed the giraffes. Sabi’s favorite animal is the giraffe and that was the one thing on the entire day’s schedule that she had to do. $5 for three biscuits, so they bought six and split them two each.

Sabi feeds a Giraffe San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo

This week I have tickets for Stroll & Savor which is an annual event that Belmont Shore puts on. It is great! You get to walk around and eat food from (in our case) 10 different restaurants. I have always liked that area and they have a ton of nice little shops and places to eat. Our tickets are for either Wednesday or Thursday, we’ll see when we go. Then on Friday,

is coming over for the weekend!

The month will wrap up with the parents in Mexico and us going over to their house to keep an eye on the girls. My dad, he just needs to make sure they are ok despite the fact that they are perfectly capable of handling a weekend on their own. lol It also happens to by my father in law’s birthday that weekend, we’ll see how that turns out.

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