My friend Jane, the dealer

Indian Beach (by ressac)

OK, I have to mention this before it is over: My friend Jane is on a road trip right now going up and around the west coast (playing around in the Pacific Northwest). She is basically hitting up a ton of Twilight places along the way (isn’t it nice how it just so happened to work out that way?)! That is so insane and I am jealous (I have always wanted to visit that area). I hope she runs into a nice vampire, even if I never get to hear from her again. She is blogging her journey and taking tons of pics along the way (including the one up top where you can just imagine Bella sitting with Jacob). Drop in and say hi, tell her I sent you 😉

ETA: I forgot to mention, that beach up there? That is the beach they used in Twilight The Movie for First Beach.

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