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Scraptastic! Photo Memory Purse (by magicalobizuth)

I’ve been meaning to update on my scrapbooking, but I keep falling behind, so here I am!

First off, I am really excited to announce my newest Scraptastic! product – Photo Memory Purses!

They are really cute and measure 10.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches tall and are 3 inches deep with handles 22 inches in length. They can hold a layout on each side and whenever you want to switch it out you can because you just slide the old layout out and slide the new one in. It stays safe with two metal snap button on the side.

More generally speaking, I have some scrapbooking to update on. Here are my most recent:

Familia - left side (by magicalobizuth)Familia - right side (by magicalobizuth)

Time to Fly (by magicalobizuth) Two Juans (by magicalobizuth)
Thanks Amy! (by magicalobizuth) A Little Bit of Silliness (by magicalobizuth)
Audrey Rose Ko (by magicalobizuth) My Last Day on the Truck (by magicalobizuth)

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