He believes he can fly.

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So wow. I can’t believe how fast these past few weeks have been going. Last weekend family visited at my parents so that was a little chaotic, and we don’t even live there! For my sanity and your skimming pleasure, I present the bulleted list:
  • Sisters slept over at our place one night because their house had no more room. Next night only one of them slept over because one room had freed up. It was still a packed house.
  • Saturday night went to Universal City Walk on a whim, one of those "let’s go out and do something!" for the whole family(ies). So we went and had a good time.
    • Highlight of the night was when we were waiting for people to go into the wind tunnel at iFly to watch them, one of the workers there said "The first person to come up and sing any song about flying gets a 25% discount." Before I knew what was happening, Juan jumped up and went forward, grabbed the mic, and starting singing, "I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!" as the crowd waved their arms. Face, meet palm. LOL He didn’t quite get that they meant for him to use the discount right then and there and now our relatives watched expectantly. Juan flew. lol He did much better this time too, although he didn’t get to go high in the tunnel. They focused on stability and being able to fly on his own.
  • Sunday night, Sabi (first one down from me) cooked a delicious BBQ consisting of carne asada, charbroiled chicken, grilled sausages, and green onions. My dad also made some killer refried beans and rice (but I didn’t get to try the rice). Tortillas were the bomb because my aunt brought them from Mexico.

Right now we are just finishing up the plans for next week’s Vegas trip. I am pretty stoked about it. I love going to Vegas. We have tickets to see Ka again. More than anything though, I am excited about relaxing for the first part of the week and then getting to hang out with my chusma buddies. Too bad not everyone can make it, but I am grateful to those who can. Just one more week and I will be the big three-oh. Dun dun dun!

Hahaha, I really don’t care, it’s just another number, and like my mom always said, I earned every single one.

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