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So lately I have been having the most interesting dreams. I can’t remember most of them but two memories that stand out:

  1. I broke Pedro Fernandez‘s heart. Shattered. And yes, I have always had a crush on him, ever since I was a little girl and he was known as "Pedrito Fernandez".
  2. In another dream, I was living in a house right by the sea. It was a small inlet/bay and there were so many whales breaching, splashing, periscoping, you name it. It was incredible, but then at some point, I was crossing a small low bridge with a friend (we were in a car) and we had to watch out for the raining orcas. No joke. It was raining orcas and it was pretty traumatizing.

Last Friday we went to a going away party for one of Juan’s colleagues (are they still colleagues when they are VPs?). We really love the guy so we couldn’t miss the party. He is Indian and they are leaving for India for a couple of years so he asked invitees to dress up Indian-style. Well, we didn’t have money or time to shop, but fortunately we made do with what was in my parent’s (and kaptainsnot ‘s) closets. One thing that we can almost always count on at one of their parties is some fire dancing and spinning. His wife is a fire dancer and I just love trying to get a few good shots in there. My favorite thing about these photos is that she is caught in the movement (they all are). You can see multiple facial expressions and often times there are shots where one looks very concentrated while the other looks so full of joy. Here are a few faves (and the rest):

Michael's Party (by magicalobizuth) Michael's Party (by magicalobizuth) Michael's Party (by magicalobizuth) Michael's Party (by magicalobizuth)

As far as anything else goes, I need a costume for Halloween (not doing last Friday’s dress up) and I am SO uninspired right now.

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