Hai Guys!

I keep wanting to update and then get lazy! Grr!

So the big V-day… we played it low-key. The fact that it landed on a Saturday would normally be welcome, but for us, it just made things more complicated and expensive. So we decided that we would do it simple. The biggest thing was taking Juan’s family to an early dinner because his mom went in to work at 6 pm. They wanted to go to a buffet, but it was too packed so we tried Mary Calendar’s for the first time ever. I never knew that it was an old people’s restaurant! LOL The menu was simple and bland but hey, we tried it out. Not going back unless it is for a pie (we bought a cream cheese one, yum!).

That afternoon, on our way to dinner, we went to the gas station for a fill up. Put gas in, turned the key, click. Dammit. Turn the key again, click. Uh-oh… so Juan checks the gas cap and he readjusts it because it was kinda loose. Click. Pops open the hood, wiggles a cable here, a cap there, click. Wiggle, wiggle, vroom.

Thank god!

After dinner, the car didn’t start again. Juan popped open the hood again and this time his parents were there to help. They all agreed it was the corroded battery contacts which they tried to scrape off with napkins from the glove compartment. It was good enough to get us to my in-laws. Once there, Juan and his dad took them off and cleaned them. He’d been neglecting them in his recent car tune-ups and it finally caught up to us.

After that we went to the movies and saw Taken. It was actually better than I expected! Lots of close quarter action (think Bourne, but not quite that good). The daughter that gets abducted is annoying, but fortunately, you know, she gets abducted.

Sunday we took my sisters to see Coraline in 3D. What a beautiful film! The 3D is totally worth it. It literally adds such a beautiful depth to the film, funnily enough, the tunnel scenes were some of my favorites despite their obvious 3D friendliness. I loved the Russian character so much, “very very thank you!”

Monday was scheduled to be a gaming day with my youngest sister (she slept over on Sunday). We woke up just before noon and started what we expected to be our final Gears of War 2 gaming session before beating the game. Unfortunately the game kept freezing until we got the dreaded red rings of death. That totally sucked. So we went out for brunch at IHOP and came back to play Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 on the Wii. Fun, but no Gears. As for the Xbox 360? Juan sent it to Microsoft today so they can send us a working one back. This is the second time this happens to us and while it’s a pain, at least Microsoft is replacing them. Sucks all around but it could suck more.

Anywho, that is my latest update so I can feel like I am caught up and not so overwhelmed with the thought of catching up here. 😀

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