Transformers 2

Just catching the last half of the Superbowl, not really invested but being entertained. I caught the new Transformers trailer and lo and behold, the big scene at the end of the 710 filmed right by work came out. The bridge that gets obliterated is one that I walk on a regular basis when going to grab a wrap or panini for lunch. They used the same exact spot for Iron Man (another big destructive fight scene). They use Long Beach for so much, it’s always exciting to see the final product and spot the places that I frequent although it does have the power to pull me out of the movie.

Work was insane last week. Totally and completely insane. I did not really appreciate it, but c’est la vie. I am thankful that I have a normally chill job. Had my review, am doing spectacularly, tyvm, too bad salaries are frozen for the year, so no pay increase for me or anyone else. Oh well.

And ? LOLWTF? Did you guys see that commercial?!


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