On being a geek

So, this weekend was mellow and geeky. It started out pretty early on Saturday (get up at 7 am on a weekend?!) as I got the final touches ready for an online baby shower. We had one a couple years ago for mauvaise_etoile and this time it was her turn to visit aoife_ife for her baby shower. Fortunately, they live within driving distance of each other so the presents got sent to mauvaise_etoile  this round and were delivered in person to Ife for the baby shower.

We were all in chat catching up and we played just a couple games. Aoife opened presents and as she did so, I published the online pages with pictures of what everyone got. I wanted to refine the site, but I was so slammed with work that, well, it is what it is. We got to see the presents and spend time hanging out in chat, that’s what counts! And because we are an adorable bunch of babes, I want to share with your our “Guess the Baby” game. Once you give up, you can click on the picture to see who is who. 😀 Dora won that game. It was a lot of fun to hang out online with some of the Immy oldbies. We hardly have time for that anymore.

Immy Babies (by magicalobizuth)

That was followed up with brunch and then some font making (I said fontificating on facebook and got a lot of pervs thinking the wrong thing which I never meant to do–not ever, no siree!). Yourfonts.com is amazing. Thank ali_wildgoose for sharing! You download a template, jot your letters, scan it in and upload to the site. If you follow the guidelines, you will have a font of your own handwriting in just a few minutes and FREE! You can install it and use it just like any of your other fonts. It’s pretty amazing, especially if you are a digital scrapbooker, like me. If you do this, I would love to see your results, so please link me up! Here are our fonts (bigger):

Yourfonts.com (by magicalobizuth)

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