My birthday week!

The last time I started an entry was when we went to see District 9 a few weeks ago. This is what I had to say:

While the buzz about District 9 was pretty big IRL, I didn’t really come across too many people talking about it on LJ. Juan and I went to see it last week and we loved it. It’s been a great year for Sci-fi (Trek and District 9!). I loved the story, the effects, how it left me wanting more. I was emotionally exhausted after watching the movie because it was intense and really depressing in some spots. I look forward to seeing it again at some point.

Still feel the same way. 🙂

In other news, summer is now officially over and this year is flying by! I had a Beatles Rock Band party during launch weekend that almost nobody came to (last minute crap popped up for everyone, ’twas a bummer). But it was The Beatles and we managed to have a ton of fun playing anyway. Have another one scheduled for October, this time with some of my Aquarium wet-siders. The game is beautiful and so much fun to play.

In my department at work, it is a tradition to take the birthday people out on lunch every month and today was my turn. We went to George’s Greek on Pine Avenue (with a stop at Pinkberry afterwards!). It was delicious and nice to get to hang out with my buddies downtown. Even had them take the shuttle with me instead of piling in cars, made me feel very green. It was funny though because AR sent out an email stating "ANITZA’s BIRTHDAY Shuttle from 320 building leaves at 12:02. Downstairs near 340 building!!!" People were a bit confused by that, they ended up in weird places expecting a van to pick them up carpool style. It hadn’t occurred to them to take public transport! They found us in time though, so all was well!

My bday lunch (by Anitza V) I had lamb slouvaki and it was cooked just right, so tender. I mean, just look at it (unless you are vegetarian, then I won’t force you to look). I am stoked because they are opening a new branch right up closer to where we live. Juan has never dined there, so it will be great to introduce him to one of my favorite places to eat.

After what was quite possibly the slowest service ever (good thing we weren’t in a serious rush!) we visited the Pinkberry up the street for dessert. I didn’t know they had new flavors for summer (passionfruit and coconut)! After trying them out, I still opted for my pomegranate with fruity pebbles, strawberries, and blue berries. Yum. It was a perfect day for it too, it was so hot walking around outside! We burned off those calories walking back too! The shuttle was delayed (thank goodness for the scrolling information bars at the bus stops) so we figured it would be better to walk back (it was).

Tomorrow I will be on a panel at a local conference for volunteer managers. I was approached by a friend and coworker who wants me to talk about (and answer questions about) how to use the web for your non-profit organization, in particular, how to use social networking tools (and how the world is not going to fall apart if your organization gets a Twitter account). This is the first time I have been asked to speak on something about my current profession, but since it is a panel and kinda informal, I am not sweating it too much.

Incidentally, I was also asked to be on another panel in October. This one is as a young female professional in the green industry that doesn’t necessarily involve a job in recycling or something. Basically, it is a conference for girls and the panel is about green jobs and the person in charge of putting it together wanted more than the typical green jobs that people think about. So she picked me. We’ll see how that one goes.

I’m looking forward to Saturday because we are spending the entire day at the beach and ending it with a bonfire. I still have to buy everything, but that’s what tomorrow is for. 🙂

 My bday lunch (by Anitza V) The best shot of the boys I ever took. (by Anitza V) [rest on Flickr]

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