This isn’t about my birthday

Star Wars in Concert (by Anitza V)

Star Wars in Concert was simply amazing.

In July, I bought tickets for this show and in particular, bought some for my dad as a birthday present. He loves Star Wars and loves musical scores (another one of his favorites is the soundtrack to the Gladiator). It was at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles in the L.A. Live complex. It is turning out really cool and will look awesome once the hotel finishes up construction. Aside from the ridiculous parking cost of $20, the place is just cool. They have figured out the best ways to move thousands of people in an orderly fashion (in and out of their cars), so that is to be commended.

As part of the tour, they also had displays on all levels from the different movies, including the Yoda pictured with me above. There were costumes, displays, TV’s with artistic renderings, they even had a couple of Ewoks. And on the Mezzanine, they had live costumed characters so we got to take photos with Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper, and Imperial Gunner (in the spirit of full disclosure, I had to look that one up).

The show is like Cliff’s Notes for Star Wars as wonderfully narrated by Anthony Daniels and scored by a massive orchestra and choir with a three-story LCD in the background (oh and let’s not forget the lasers and pyrotechnics!). They started with the THX sound bite and then moved on to the 20th Century Fox Fanfare as the curtain went up and then the lights went out and BAM!! The brass and I don’t even know what else just blares the first note of the famous Star Wars theme and the “Star Wars” logo is emblazoned on the 30 foot screen. It was enough to give me goosebumps and made me get so teary eyed with emotion. I found out where I get this from. Seems like my dad got real teary-eyed at the opening too.

It was a fantastic night and I recommend that if it comes near you, you go out and buy tickets to it. Don’t think about it, just do it! [pics at flickr]

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