Drive-by post

Wow! I have been CRAZY busy lately. Work has been sorta driving me insane in the sense that I have so many projects going on at the same time and everything is an emergency. It’s also been a lot of fun with the launch of our new staff website, but it is a huge project that involves a lot of people at this stage and there is a lot of hand holding that I don’t mind doing but takes up a lot of time and energy.

And that’s only work!

My dad had an accident at work on Monday that started off the week very badly. Fortunately, he is ok (something fell on his head, he knocked out for a few, all tests say he is ok). But man, that was a scare! I was a zombie the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, Juan broke his glasses last Friday and put in an order for new ones on that day. He’d been wearing his prescription sunglasses for everything while he waits for either his old glasses to be fixed or for his new ones to come in. Cue the trips to the mall to the fix-it place and to the optometrist. Worst part was that it rained a couple days/nights and driving in the rain in the dark with shades is a scary thing. I am so glad he got his old glasses fixed and in his hands now. We’ll get his new ones in about a week.

And tomorrow my dear Toni Rose will be visiting with her hubby and Leila! It will be a little Santa Cruz reunion and I can’t wait!

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