Yesterday was a good day

Yesterday was one of those fantastic days that don’t seem to come around too often. We woke up and got to work at a decent hour (this is a challenge in our household). We dropped off the rent in the morning and sometime later that day we got a phone call from the building manager congratulating us on winning the monthly drawing. $50 off next month’s rent – w00t! Then I got my adorable Big Daddy Plush from ThinkGeek:

He's here! My Big Daddy Plush is adorable! Thanks @AwesomeJuan @ThinkGeek! (by Anitza V)

If you haven’t played Bioshock 2 and seen a certain ending,you might have never seen this little guy. Put it this way, this is the little doll that the little sisters put together to look like their big daddies with whatever they could find. The moment I saw it in the game, I knew I wanted it and hoped that someone would make it and then a couple weeks later, ThinkGeek started selling it.

Anyway, so I got him. Juan had his annual review and got a nice raise (wish I could say the same, my raise was a non-profit pittance)! We celebrated by picking dinner up from our local sushi restaurant (YUM).

Then we got a phone call from his mom and she tells us that our car insurance payment dropped a little over $20 bucks (we have our insurance all bundled with theirs)!

If only those days would come along more often!

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