Google Analytics and Livejournal

Did anyone else out there enable Google Analytics to keep on eye on their LJ stats? As soon as they announced it, I enabled it and promptly forgot about it.

That is, until now.

I ‘ve been MIA from LJ for the better part of a year now, and that is due to sheer laziness. Facebook and Twitter has taken the fun out of journaling for me because on there I don’t have to sit and be eloquent in any shape or form. But every week, I sit and guilt trip myself over the loss of this past year in terms of any significant journaling. I mean, I read my flist every day. Why don’t I just jump in and post?!

Anyway, we were talking about stats.

So I checked them out today and was quite surprised by the results. It seems that people visit my journal when they are looking for a couple of specific things in Google: Spokeo and the epic struggle of lolrus.

I have to say:

  1. I had to look read the entire Spokeo entry to even remember what the hell it was. I think it has changed since then, but I am not willing to research this time to find out.
  2. I am really proud that my lolrus entry is still being found by people on the internet. Good times.

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