I’m melting!

We just got back from lunch at work. We normally walk around our area here at the waterfront in Long Beach because we want to get out of the office, get a little exercise, and reduce the use of cars.

But today, as we were going our normal Frogger route (no crosswalk, about 4 ‘roads’ on a bridge where cars aren’t supposed to stop), my foot sunk in some loose soil pretty much at the edge where the purple shrubs are in this map. I was walking with AR and BG and happened to be right behind AR when my ankle bent the wrong way as my foot sunk and my hands flew out to stop my inevitable fall. I ended up pushing poor AR into the street as oncoming traffic was making its way down the bridge! Don’t worry, he’s safe and wasn’t in any real danger, but had I fallen like 30 seconds later, it might be a different story. So I sat there, dumbfounded in the dirt wondering what the hell happened to me and wondering if I was going to be able to put weight on my ankle. But my ankle seems to be doing just fine. I messed up my knee about a month ago (same leg) and now that I mention it, about six months ago, this is the same leg that got the brunt of a nasty fall in the shower. It’s letting me know it isn’t happy by randomly threatening me with spasms and almost-cramps.

We ended up walking over to Islands and by the time we walked back… ugh! The heat! We were melting! Up until now, we had a very mellow summer. Actually, let me rephrase that, we didn’t really have a summer. We had record low temps as the marine layer stayed until last week. Now, we have high 80’s at the coast, monsoonal moisture, and triple digits inland. I’m not equipped to handle this! I hope next week’s projected temps stay true.

And then tomorrow, we will be throwing Juan’s Crazy Hat Party at his parents’. He is turning 30 next week and wanted to have a big party. I can’t wait to see all the friends and family, especially since crazy hats are required!

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