Juan’s 30th Birthday Party

Let’s try to play catch-up here.

Last entry I talked about how we were getting ready to throw a big ol’ party for Juan. Not only that, but it was themed. Yep, it was the crazy hat party! To be honest, it is mostly a blur now. We worked so hard that day (and the one before) and it was so freakin’ hot to boot! But everyone had fun, especially Juan. It was an interesting mix of family and friends (especially of different social circles). I wish I’d had more time (and a clone of my would have been nice too). I didn’t spend nearly as much time as I wanted with all my friends, but I was very happy to see them nonetheless.

Here are a few fun photos:

Crazy Hat Party!

Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party!

Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party!

A few tips that worked really well at our party:

  1. If you ever throw a crazy hat party, have some crazy hats on hand for the losers that think they can get away with not wearing one. LOL 😛
  2. Lighting the back yard was a challenge, but my sisters helped out a lot with that. They raided their Christmas lights stash and helped us with lighting up significant portions of the yard. Aside from that, I also had lots of candles.
  3. The candles were all kept in mason jars which served as nice center pieces too. They provided wonderful mood lighting and also an opportunity to use a couple of citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay. I didn’t get a good photo of them on the table, but you get the idea here.
  4. Bouncy house is a must if there are going to be any kids at a party. It corrals them all in place and then when they go home, the big kids get to play!
  5. Pin the blank on the blank can be a great game, even with grown-ups! We made a big sort of poster of Juan and had sunglasses for people to pin on his face. We had about half kids and half adults play and it got REALLY rowdy and hilarious. That was a ton of fun!

Anyway, that’s about it. If you want to see the rest of the photos, they’re on Flickr.

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