Zoey’s First Birthday

Zoom zoom!

My Mazda
It’s been a year now. She is officially not of the current year. I thought it would take off the nice feeling of shiny and new, but it wasn’t so sudden, even if this year did zoom by.

I wanted to share my statistics, ones that I have accumulated over the past year using the Gas Cubby Free App on my iPhone. I figured that someone else might find the MPG charts useful, as well as the cost of gas fluctuations over the year (just for fun).

I remember the almost 31 MPG average of that tank being a lot of traffic-less freeway driving. That’s the only thing that I can attribute that to.

Just some numbers.

Gas got expensive. Thankfully it came back down, but never as far down as it used to be.

So my automatic 2011 Mazda3 Touring with moonroof and BOSE package got an average 25.68 MPG for the year. That includes a good mix of highway and “city” driving. I don’t do too much driving in traffic, but when I do, I see it affect my MPG, big surprise.

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